Fascinated by all things avant-garde, I advocate personal development through exploring the unusual, strange and even controversial things in life – without judgement. I promote positive risk taking and authentic self-expression. I can do this because I have been on many such adventures myself – where I have even forged a path or two. Resultantly, I have seen how a sense of derring-do curiosity coupled with an attitude of radical honesty can lead to self-actualisation. This website is my resulting career portfolio and blog, where I hope to share what I have learned.

Working with all sorts of people including mainstream media and publishing, arts companies, beauty and fashion brands, primary schools, wellbeing centres, private groups and individuals, I provide three main services (which are reflected through my ongoing projects):

  • producing live shows and workshops.
  • coaching for personal development.
  • writing/speaking.

What do I have to impart to others?

Over my career I’ve been assigned all sorts of monikers and labels such as ‘maverick’,  ‘scene queen’, ‘leader’ and ‘eccentric’ yet I’ve never actually directed myself to be any such thing. Rather, I’ve just always followed my own curiosity and deep desire to know the ‘other side’ of any given perspective – and then set about sharing my findings. Some people have found this attitude to be an ‘act of rebellion’ or a challenge to the status quo but I believe it’s healthy and also the socially responsible thing to do.

In doing so, I have come to understand the necessity of positive risk-taking in personal development. A such, I have found myself at the forefront of edgy movements and trends, treading pathways for activities (that would later become popular and accessible pastimes for others, e.g. burlesque and ‘ghost hunting’). Often experiencing harsh criticism, personal harassment and even tabloid scandal, I have not been put off by the ignorance or fear of others. In fact, it has made me all the more curious. Such rumblings are the sounds of controversy stirring and I believe that ‘controversy is the drive behind social evolution’.

“When the critics disagree, the artist is in accordance with himself”
Oscar Wilde

I’d like to spend a day as advocate for the devil’s advocate. I’m fascinated by the infinite reflections between two mirrors. I’d like to explore the space in Space and be deafened by silence.  I’ve always asked questions about why a certain thing or idea might be avoided, maligned, feared or considered strange, weird, improper, not worth thinking about or simply “wrong”. Why so? Says who? What does it mean? Is it inherent? Is it contextual? Why is psychological discomfort often so appealing – and can we please take a closer look, with an intact sense of humour?

To get satisfaction, I have always sought both knowledge and direct experience on anything taboo or unusual that raised it’s head long enough for me to ask questions. In fact, my first ever business cards at the age of 18 (nearly 20 years ago) had the strap line : “PinUp, Performer, Paranormal Investigator”. I was genuinely all three of these!

But I’ve come a long way since investigating haunted buildings for TV, posing as a ‘professional vampire’ and touring the globe as a latex fashion model and burlesque comedienne. I have been personally successful in the arts despite the odds being stacked against me but, perhaps more importantly I have created recognisable brands that tens of thousands of men, women and children have directly experienced – and through which they have been delighted and ignited, often to their own surprise.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
Neale Donald Walsch

I also have the usual complement of certificates, a university degree (Psychology BSc Hons), post-grad training (parapsychological research and advanced practice mental health interventions) and so on, but these are no-where near as interesting (nor useful) as my positive risk-taking experiences have been.

I have a number of rather unusual certificates too, of course such as Sekhem Master. 


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