butterflyBlending contemporary and ancient holistic approaches with original tried and tested material and personal insight based on my own life of experience, I offer highly personalised personal development coaching.

Personal development is all about realising latent potential and I believe that this involves a ‘three-step’ creative approach involving: the expansion of our individual awareness, the fine-tuning of our mental and emotional processing power and thirdly, the resulting focussed self-expression that shares something uniquely from you. 

  1. Information Gathering: The expansion of our awareness which largely involves developing our many senses, noticing what’s going on both in our ever changing inner private worlds and the ‘outer’ environmental world around us.
  2. Information Processing: The fine-tuning of our processing power involves awareness of the senses, developing our intuition and thinking styles.
  3. New Information Creation: The authenticity of our self-expression which involves developing our imagination, clarity of vision and communication skills.

    Personal development also means being completely honest with the self – that is identifying, accepting and overcoming common emotional challenges that often hold us back (e.g. anxiety, jealousy, depression, anger, stress). Such challenges are essential parts of the creative journey toward self-actualisation and are to be embraced as exceptional learning opportunities rather than be feared, ignored or denied. To develop, expand or grow, we need to take positive risks where we step up, step out and open our eyes to the not yet known.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
Neal Donald Walsch