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Avant Garden®

An innovative Community Interest Company that delivers unusual therapeutic and holistic activities for all ages. Activities are inspired by the wonder of Earth’s mysteries including: mermaid-ing, snake handling, crystal healing and paranormal investigations. Our activities are all born of our our own experience, research and design – and we love to ‘seed’ the potential of our guests in providing new exciting challenges to promote self-healing, develop the senses and increase personal and social awareness.

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Avant Garden® Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration Number: 10494264

Ministry of Burlesque®

The Ministry of Burlesque are the UK’s premier organisation for burlesque theatre. Formed in 2002, MoB have led the vanguard of the resurgence and continue to ‘raise the barre’ of professional production, performance and education of this much misunderstood form. MoB was created to:

  • encourage authentic self-expression,
  • challenge body confidence and gender identity issues,
  • nurture a productive community for a new century of burlesque.

As a pioneering organisation for modern burlesque theatre, MoB are considered an authority on and have been advocating the genre’s socio-political legacy and contemporary purpose in tandem, with many ‘firsts’, awards and accolades in our own history.

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Admiring the independence, strength, grace and playful will of cats Purrfit adopts an extended feline metaphor to inspire our own mindful wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

PURR = An expression of healing or contentment.
FIT = Able or Ready to adapt.

Purrfit encourages individuals to awaken their mind-body unity and explore their creative potential – unhindered by those all too ‘human’ doubts and fears. Would you like to gain confidence, balance and strength – in both body and mind? Come to a Purrfit class and move, think and play like a pussycat. Be sure to be feline good…

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Avant Garden®, Ministry of Burlesque® and Purrfit® are registered trademarks.