Current projects:

Ironic Fundamentalism

What IF... the nature of the universe is paradoxical? Ironic Fundamentalism is an upbeat philosophical approach to life which embraces a universal paradoxical awareness. This way we harness a sense of ‘ironic humour’ about ourselves, the universe and everything – one that leads us to answer the big questions – that lie unconsciously beneath our anxieties. With IF, we can be free of Anxiety in every day life – and also, continue to transcend our suffering toward Enlightenment.

We hold a few key IFFY principles that help us challenge our thinking:

“Reality is the bitch-slap of belief.” What we think about things is generally bollocks. All we know is that we don’t really ‘know’ anything. We are always looking through a lens, subject to bias, perspectively challenged.

“Controversy is the drive behind social evolution.” It is our conscious duty to actively explore those daunting ideas which are controversial and with a non-judgement mindset, we seek to evaluate the causes of those controversies – that is, the unbiased honest acceptance of a world that isn’t made up of “right and wrong” but contrasting perspectives and biases.

“Anxiety: it’s nothing to worry about.” Literally we worry about everything that is past or potential future calamities and fail to realise that we only ever exist in the ‘now’. We are distracted by worries about everything and fail to see that everything is actually no-thing.


Ministry of Burlesque®

The Ministry of Burlesque are the UK’s premier organisation for burlesque theatre. Formed in 2002, MoB have led the vanguard of the resurgence and continue to ‘raise the barre’ of professional production, performance and education of this much misunderstood form. MoB was created to:

  • encourage authentic self-expression,
  • challenge body confidence and gender identity issues,
  • nurture a productive community for a new century of burlesque.

As a pioneering organisation for modern burlesque theatre, MoB are considered an authority on and have been advocating the genre’s socio-political legacy and contemporary purpose in tandem, with many ‘firsts’, awards and accolades in our own history. For show dates, see the website.

Visit the website here.

Mourning Glory

I believe that those who are curious walk a path of personal growth and, that controversy is the drive behind our social evolution.


Admiring the independence, strength, grace and playful will of cats Purrfit adopts an extended feline metaphor to inspire our own mindful wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

PURR = An expression of healing or contentment.
FIT = Able or Ready to adapt.

Purrfit encourages individuals to awaken their mind-body unity and explore their creative potential – unhindered by those all too ‘human’ doubts and fears. Would you like to gain confidence, balance and strength – in both body and mind? Come to a Purrfit class and move, think and play like a pussycat. Be sure to be feline good…

Visit the website here.