Public Speaking

I deliver engaging interactive lectures and talks on an array of fascinating topics. All of my material is  meticulously researched, designed with originality and delivered a sense of humour.

All of my material is motivating and provides ample opportunity for self discovery, group debate and individual growth.

From examining perceptions of ourselves and others in the world ‘out there’, to exploring our ‘inner worlds’ of sensory experience and interpretation. The topics cover many diverse and personally investigated subjects such  as:

  • “An Expose” –  on demystifying Beauty, Gender & Body Confidence.  This proffers a combination of art history, contemporary media methodology and evolutionary psychology with shocking instant body morph tricks to melt away those anxieties.(I am a former burlesque comedienne, cover, pinup and catwalk model – despite being a curvy and diminutive 5′ 1″).
  • “Sensational” – on exploring  paranormal and anomalous experience.
    This proffers a look at the mindsets of parapsychology, psychical research and intuitive discovery with expansion of individual sensory expanses and group experiences. Think you only have 5 senses? Think again. Find out why the old and modern ‘craze’ for the spooky actually has to be, sensational. (I have postgraduate lab and field experience of investigating anomalous experience, ESP and hauntings having appeared on BBC television, hosted private investigation in Brahn Castle, Transylvannia and have advised on Most Haunted).
  • “Burlesque in Briefs” – on the surprising empowering history of burlesque theatre.
    Who wears the trousers now? A long look at the length of swirling skirts and breeched britches through anything but rose-tinted retro-spectacles.  The genre’s place in the modern feminist and gender performative movements where 2000 years of social change and personal power can still lie in performance and self expression. Learn to break the fourth wall, the mould and all the rules. (I am considered to have been one of the founding protagonist of the new burlesque resurgence in Europe and have produced over 400 burlesque shows).