Dis-Comfort Zones

What if your perceived comfort is the very thing that creates your discomfort with your lot in life? There is an uncomfortable truth lurking in the shadows of our comfort zones: they are more self-made prisons than the personal playgrounds or protective bubbles we like … Continue readingDis-Comfort Zones

Loss(t) in Space

Loss occurs in many ways. It hurts, but must we always Iose? In the past year I’ve seen friends and family experience different losses – the loss of loved ones (through death, dementia, divorce and even unresolved dispute), the loss of personal ability and opportunity as … Continue readingLoss(t) in Space

Doubt is IFFY

IF you are anxious then you are using doubt, a lot. If you are to give any credibility to your doubt and test it’s validity then you need to apply it in a parsimonious way – that is, apply it radically and fairly to everything…including … Continue readingDoubt is IFFY