Dis-Comfort Zones

What if your perceived comfort is the very thing that creates your discomfort with your lot in life? There is an uncomfortable truth lurking in the shadows of our comfort zones: they are more self-made prisons than the personal playgrounds or protective bubbles we like … Continue readingDis-Comfort Zones

FAQ You! Hiring Talent

Where can I hire professional performers/producers? Currently, there are only a handful of burlesque performers who are considered by the wider entertainment industry to be ‘professional  artists’ or genuine producers. These people are indeed few and are rare gems often with many imitators – but  … Continue readingFAQ You! Hiring Talent

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FAQ You! Finding Teachers

Where can I find reputable teachers? Taking up lessons from reputable teachers is an excellent way to start out, but do research your options – the person who happens to be most local or inexpensive may not be the best choice.  There is no ’standarisation’ … Continue readingFAQ You! Finding Teachers

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