My surprising career as a model…

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I was a child model but as soon as puberty hit, no-one wanted to know. So… after much shame over my height and shape as a teenager and despite eventually reaching the mighty height of 5′ and a bit of an inch and with the full blown curves of a larger lady i.e. I was totally ‘unfit’ for off the peg garments and ‘fashionable’ things. Whether it was the height or my curves or the combination… I don’t know.

So, I went about testing a theory. My theory was that the status quo on acceptable adult female bodies was always changing and probably quite easy to subvert, if I was willing to be risky… and persist. I did.

Credit: Peter Czernich

As an adult, I have appeared on many magazine covers, billboards and advertising campaigns. I somehow managed this by being fastidiously present at events and amusing/interesting/eccentric enough to publishers, producers and designers for them to take a punt on a differently shaped, pint-sized model with something to say.

I have a lot of insight to share now with others – emotionally, practically and artistically on these illusory ideas of beauty and gender ‘norms’.


Credit: Neil Kendal

I landed (cat-like) in the world of fetish and alternative fashion, modelling internationally for latex and corsetry designer, appearing in print and on many global catwalks. My subversive appeal led to some very interesting achievements including being on the cover of 125 magazine (thanks to the the wonderfully creative Findlay MacKay, photographer), appearing on the walls of London Fashion Week 2007 (TOWERING in print over the fashionable folk… lol) and with my image hanging in the Paul Smith Gallery in Tokyo:

I was also the face and body of a variety of advertising campaigns for skin care, corsets, BDSM apparel (why not?), chocolate puddings and events. My image has become useful to artists in a variety of mediums, from digital to acrylic as, chalks and even music…I’ve even been manifested as an oil painting here and there too. I keep a special one in my attic.

Often working with those experiencing emotional difficulties over body image, I offer workshops to enhance body confidence drawing on my skills and experience complete with photoshoot.   Click here!