“Find your Light and Lead your way.”

Photo Credit: Karen McBride
“Perspective is Everything”

I uncover and illuminate beauty and potential in others, especially where it is overlooked.  I help individuals to ‘find their light’ and shine in it.   

An avant-garde adventurer with a passion for the mind and the metaphysical, I refer to myself as a ‘Creative Psychologist’ and work broadly in the field of ‘transpersonal. psychology‘. I guide people along new roads in self-acceptance and self-expression, toward self-actualisation. I do this through one to one coaching, workshops and creative opportunities.

– Perhaps you have something to say but can’t find the words?
– You know that it’s your time to shine but you feel stuck in the dark?
– Maybe you feel called to help others too but cannot find direction?

From stage performers, writers and content creators to people transitioning in their private lives e.g. gender, spirituality or career. Much of my work is focussed on ‘translation of feelings and ideas in to. reality’ and the resulting ‘transition’ in life; where we explore and present conscious identities in new ways. I advocate a creative approach because I believe we are happiest when living authentically – as our true selves – and that new work needs to be created in order for transpersonal progress to occur.

Among other things I have:

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • PG Cert. Advanced Practice for Mental Health Interventions (Guided Self-Help)
  • PG Dip. Social Science Research (Parapsychology)

As such, I am a  maker of original personal development materials and developer of people. An ally to the atypical in life,  a social trend spotter and experienced leader, I provoke, motivate and guide others (of all ages) to take action through my  workshops and individual coaching

My method involves positive risk-taking, honest reflection and conscious self-expression. I can lead this with confidence because I do practice what I preach. I have explored many hidden, alternative and taboo paths, taking risks and often forging new roads for others to safely follow. My portfolio over the past 20 years attests to my diversity as a provocateur of thought, in both art and science. From body positivity through ‘fetish’ fashion and burlesque theatre, to consciousness research through metaphysics, parapsychology and comparative religion. 

If you are wishing to begin, or to further leverage your individual dreams and projects, then step forward in to the spotlight. ‘Illumination’ is my middle name. Let me help you find your light – so that you can grow in your own truth and ultimately, ‘lead your way’.

What do I do?

What I believe:

♥️ Every body and Every mind is beautiful – and full of potential. By embracing our universe of diversity and exploring our individual quirks, uncertainties and curiosities, we forge a life of celebration, together . 

♥️ No-one is truly ‘normal’ because average is a mean illusion (pun!). I for one, am never ‘perfectly presented’ (and never will be) because I am not a finished product.

♥️ Controversy is the drive behind our social evolution. I believe that being curious and provoking open questions is healthy – and also the socially responsible thing to do. 

My Experience:

My previous clients and partners, include BBC television and radio, EMI, The British Library, Dennis Publishing, The Armed Forces and many more… click for list!

In addition to various academic and professional accolades in psychology, philosophy and mental health, I am a positive risk-taker with a history of successful leadership. From haunted castles and ESP research to nipple tassels and latex fashion, from memento mori to  ‘cat yoga’, from revisionist history to gender politics and from enlightenment philosophy to the therapeutic use of snakes in schools…  I have worn many lenses finding immense perspective, inspiration and insight to share. Best of all, each adventure has helped me to create new personal development opportunities for others. Here are some examples:





As a serial ‘provocateur’, I’ve been assigned all sorts of monikers and labels such as ‘maverick’,  ‘rebel’, ‘queen’, ‘Infamous’ ‘fearless leader’ and ‘eccentric’ and I’ve been called even lesser eloquent things too, especially in being considered one of the pioneers of the burlesque renaissance, but that’s all good, it is a sure sign of having done something meaningful and ultimately ‘disruptive’ to the status quo. As Oscar Wilde put it: 

“When the critics disagree, the artist is in accordance with himself.” Oscar Wilde

Some opinion, hearsay and such:

“We cannot comment on any other of her activities…”
BBC Spokesman to Sun Journalist.

“Absolutely fascinating… possibly one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life.”
Katie Martin, BBC Radio Solent

“..her research, writing and vast knowledge of subject matter, make her an asset to her profession”

Anthony Caulfield, Nightfall Films

 “…she is a committed, diligent writer and sparkling storyteller.”
Karen Gregor, Producer – BBC R4

“Totally Hilarious”
Ben Elton

Marie Claire

“I entered the class as a sceptic and suspected Kirsty was possibly slightly mad…I actually left suspecting Kirsty was in fact a bit of a genius.”
L’oreal Blacklett 

“Breaking New Ground”
Time Out, London

“Living Art”
J Mclean, Founder – EPS Publishing

“Visionary. Her shows are an elegant masquerade of the past and an homage to taste and irony.”
La Repubblica Delle Donne, Italy

“Eccentric, edgy and sensationally witty” 

Portsmouth News 

“The Movers & Shakers of the burlesque world”

“The doyenne of feline femininity – that is the ever-so-charming Kittie. As Britannia, she puts her own twist on the pomp and pageantry of the days of Empire, Her Majesty would be proud.”
Henry Northmore, The List

“Kittie is phenomenal as an outrageous swirling, bustled Boudica”
Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide

“a beautiful opium-addled vision of Britannia”

Portsmouth News

“A true miracle of mother nature….the sexy pinup doesn’t cease to amaze”
De Telegraaf

“Founder of the resurgent burlesque movement”
The Evening Times

“academic boffin… is no ‘shrink’ing violet”
The Sun

“Marvellous. A visual treat acted out vivaciously”
Tony Roper
“..what a fantastic evening, Kittie made the whole event very special indeed. I was honoured even to be invited. Directing the camera whilst watching her perform was even ten times better again – it felt very voyeuristic. I loved it!”
‘The Real’ Stig, Producer – ITV
“The Star of British Burlesque”
“Burlesque Superstar”
Editor – The List
“Veteran Burlesque Performer”
Talkback Thames – ITV
“London’s Burlesque Queen”
Fortean Times
“Kittie is at the forefront of the international burlesque renaissance”
Editor – The List
“Brit Burlesque Bombshell”
Mayfair Magazine
“Queen of the British Burlesque Scene”
What’s On, London
“For burlesque, you need the Ministry of Burlesque and it’s fearless leader – the fabulous Kittie Klaw”
Time Out
“Ministry of Burlesque is London’s leading school and social networking portal for aspiring burlesque artists”

The Independent

“Kittie is the beating heart of the British burlesque scene. A performer in the classical tradition, Kittie updates the glorious traditions of the British burlesque and makes them her own. Without her, the British burlesque scene would be a much duller, less focused, and much less glamorous place!”
David McComb, Editor – Bizarre Magazine.

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