Kirsty L Allan
Specialising in what I call ‘Creative Wellbeing’, I advocate authenticity and exploration of personal potential.  With an unusual multifaceted skill-set,  personal insight and experience in my own life I work with clients of all backgrounds and ages providing effective coaching for personal development and in overcoming a wide array of common emotional and psychological challenges.

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I am also a director of Avant Garden – an innovative Community Interest Company that delivers diverse  workshops and holistic activities for all ages including PURRFIT Cat Yoga, Mermaid-ing, MoB Burlesque Theatre and Paranormal Investigations. Our activities are all born of our our own experience, research and design – and we love to ‘seed’ the potential of our guests in providing new exciting challenges.

Balance and growth is key to a beautiful life. Balancing our individual thoughts, feelings and actions; balancing our views with those of others, balancing opportunities with caution… Balance allows us to take on the challenges of being, accept inspiration and really grow.

I believe that consciously balancing different accolades and ways of thinking is essential in being a good mentor, coach or therapist. Certificates are nice to have; they inspire confidence in others and yet, such paper trophies don’t actually solve problems, they don’t guarantee any wisdom nor don’t they motivate anyone to act but the holder. Over many years I have developed a range of clinical skills, academia, philosophy, edgy arts and transpersonal practice to help me gain a balanced and progressive attitude for life – and also evolve my methods for helping others to realise their own potential.

I do indeed have estimable certificates but more importantly, I have travelled, researched, written, spoken, hosted, performed, produced, tried, tested, investigated, contemplated, meditated and pondered upon the quirks and quandaries of life. I have been ‘out there’ doing it. I have real direct experience of positive risk taking and use myself as a wellbeing guinea pig. For example, here are some of my own personal highlights:

  • BSc (Hons); Psychology.
  • Post Graduate Diploma; Social Science Research (Parapsychology).
  • Post Graduate Certificate; Advanced Practice Mental Health Interventions in Primary Care  (IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner: NHS).
  • 2 years university study of philosophy of religion and morals & ethics.
  • 1 year university study of Forensic Medicine.
  • 2 years university study of philosophy of religion and morals & ethics.
  • 2 years university study of statistics.
  • Lab research, Direct Mental Interaction Between Living Systems (ESP).
  • Field research, Paranormal Experience/Activity and Hauntings around many abandoned asylums, hospitals, stately homes and private UK residences.
  • Hosted and coached private clients in a ‘ghost hunt’ in Bran Castle, Transylvania.
  • Have appeared on BBC television as a parapsychologist and advised production of Most Haunted.
  • Former international cover model, pinup and alternative fashion catwalk model, having appeared on billboards at London Fashion Week and in the Paul Smith gallery in Tokyo (despite being a curvy 5′ 1″).
  • Former international performance artist, prestigious talent contest judge and industry figurehead  (widely credited as a key figure in the burlesque renaissance).
  • Award-winning theatre producer of over 400 shows including national theatre tours and sell out success at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Frequent guest, host and interviewee in mainstream media across Europe including multiple BBC spots and commissions regarding women in theatre and gender roles.
  • Published writer and researcher in books, magazine and newspapers.
  • Specialist Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Training.
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training.
  • Sekhem Reiki, Master & Holistic Therapist.
  • I overcame OCD and Panic Disorder using CBT and self help materials.
  • I have set up a co-directed CIC business in helping others to be happy.

… and it is a garden of experience that is always growing!

Clients include: BBC2, BBC4, BBC Radio 4, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, The British Library, EMI, Sony, Independent News & Media, Dennis Publishing (Fortean Times, Bizarre) 125 Magazine, WITCH, Circomedia, Vodaphone, Trafford Council, St Matthews CE Primary School, NHS, Greater Manchester Probation Service.

“Absolutely fascinating… possibly one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life.”
Katie Martin, BBC Radio Solent

“A committed, diligent writer and sparkling storyteller.” 
Karen Gregor,  Producer  BBC R4

“Totally Hilarious”
Ben Elton

“Visionary. Her shows are an elegant masquerade of the past and an homage to taste and irony.”

La Repubblica Delle Donne, Italy


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