As an experienced multi-skilled coach of over ten years experience, I help others to find their niche, refine their identity and to express themselves authentically in original work. This has the power to transform their lives privately and/or publicly.

From stage performers, coaches and content creators to those transitioning in life (e.g. gender, spirituality or career), I help my clients ‘find their light’ and stand tall in it.

As creator of alternative wellbeing courses, I am passionate about the atypical in life because I see the individual beauty in diversity of body and mind.

  • Perhaps you have something to say to the world but cannot find the words?
  • Or, you feel it is your time to shine but are stuck in the dark?
  • Maybe you want to become a coach and lead others – but can’t quite find direction?
  • You are ready to be YOU but need support to embrace that new reality?

I call this Creative Personal Development and it’s a process of self-discovery and self-determination, unique to the individual. My work is perhaps best described as belonging in the field of ‘transpersonal psychology’. As a natural ‘ideas generator’ and punning wordsmith, I also act as a muse of creative direction where my clients are often astonished at the number of uplifting ideas they will have to play with – after even the briefest of chats.

I offer one to one sessions and group workshops. My style of coaching is upbeat, reflective and with insightful humour.  I guide clients in therapeutic activities and positive risk-taking to allow them to explore their innate strengths, expand their capabilities and ultimately – find their light through unique creative projects in which they express themselves authentically as they grow toward self-actualisation. 

Investment is £5000 –  for my complete one-to-one mentoring attention to your journey – arranged according to time-scale options.

My clients are guided to do any or all of three things:

  • Overcome and transcend personal challenges that present current obstacles e.g. common mental health issues, body and gender confidence issues, creative blocks and situational problems. 
  • Learn how to create their own opportunities for self-determined growth.
  • Live in the light of their own true passions.

I coach one to one in person, or distance via email, phone or video chat. You don’t need to already have a creative project in mind or on the go – we will work together to uncover the perfect place to begin. 

My workshops can be for any age, private groups or public, covering a range of topics that are customised for each booking. See my project pages for ideas on what you might like. Trust your (counter)intuition and pick something that excites or intrigues you!